Recent catastrophes that are both natural and man-made invade our consciousness like never before. These traumatic situations are causing a growing unease in our entire global society and sometimes serve to incite victims to take violent actions against their elected officials, their co-workers, fellow citizens, and family members. Art therapists are called upon now more than ever to provide services.

Member art therapists in Japan know firsthand how unprecedented devastation and trauma can challenge even the most resourceful and resilient residents of this planet. The ongoing and perhaps never-ending relief work in Haiti continues. In the U.S., this past spring many of us watched in shock as thousands of people in the Southeastern U.S. lost everything through devastating tornadoes. The recent earthquake in the Northeast and Hurricane Irene on the East Coast reminds us that we are all at risk. This year has been a particularly difficult year with raging fires, devastating floods, and an incredible number of tornadoes that has totally wiped out homes, lives, and in some cases entire communities.

To help you connect to ways that you can help, or receive help, the Association is introducing this special online space, the Art Therapy Volunteer Action Center (ATVAC). This online site provides members with an appropriate venue to share their relief and recovery needs in their area, as well as serves as a place where others can connect to provide assistance. The ATVAC links to all of our communications channels to aid both those in need of assistance and those interested in volunteering their time and expertise or to make a monetary contribution.

This is a self-managed site where you should feel free to tell us what your needs are Рor what you are doing to help people in their time of need.   You can discuss volunteer opportunities, your experiences, or any information you may wish to share.